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Businesses looking for simple, professional, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly methods to extend holiday greetings to their customers and clients use corporate holiday ecards.

Encore Ecards will provide a do-it-yourself solution that is easy-to-use, flexible and offers a premium collection of corporate e-cards. Encore Ecards is being developed for small businesses, organizations and professionals who typically send greetings to 500 or less recipients. Encore Ecards will also provide options for groups sending to 500+ recipients.

While we await the launch of Encore Ecards, here are some of our partner sites offering premium corporate ecard products.

Business Holiday Ecards

View business holiday ecards available from BusinessHolidayEcards.com.


Corporate Holiday E-cards

View corporate e-cards available from Progressive Media Group Inc.


Premium Quality and Professional Designs

At Encore Ecards, you'll see a collection of premium quality and professionally designed ecards. Our designs could be characterized in many ways, some include highly detailed, sophisticated, professional, cool, and sleek. Also, our key ingredient that brings everything together is some good old tender loving care!

The collage below shows the look and feel of some of the ecards you'll see here.


As we get closer to launch, we'll post a sneak preview with live samples.

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Application Features & Highlights

Here's a look at just some of the features Encore Ecards will offer.

  • Re-brand ecards with your logo and corporate colors;
  • Import contacts from third-party websites and desktop applications like Facebook and Outlook;
  • Personalize ecards with the recipient's name and other unique information;
  • Schedule delivery dates for your ecards;
  • Track statistics associated with your ecards;
    • Who received the e-card;
    • Who viewed the e-card;
    • How many times did they view it;
  • User-friendly URLs. (No long, ugly and cryptic links for your recipients to click);
  • Create an unlimited number of ecards;
  • Create an unlimited number of recipient lists (segmentation);
  • Optionally upload and include your photo and a personal message;
  • and more...we're keeping the rest a surprise!

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